Bible Study

Consistent Bible study is essential for growth in Christ. We want to provide resources necessary to enrich our Spiritual walk with Christ.

We make use of two dimensions of biblical study to help grow in our knowledge of God's word. First, we want to help discover responsible ways of reading Scripture by developing the tools necessary for reading and applying the Bible to daily life. This comes through a focused study of the biblical text. Second, we want to explore various contemporary issues of the Christian life. We do this by reading topical Christian books in a class setting. By carefully exploring the issues we hope to bring them to bear on our own family here at King of Prussia.

With these two related dimensions of biblical study, we strive to make our classes responsible to the biblical text and relevant to the Christian life.

Small Groups at KoP

Just as the first century Christians met in homes, so does our family at King of Prussia. You will find that our small groups provide the perfect atmosphere for an intimate family feel as we study the Bible and fellowship together. We seek to grow in love for God and each other, have involvement with each other's lives, experiencing belonging and community, to fellowship by breaking bread and praying together and to use our homes as a place to invite friends and family who may not yet meet with us at our building.


 Groups meet 2nd and 4th Sundays


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